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Cappy Ron and the Eggo Dog

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On: Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 10:03AM | By: Captain Ron Kowalyk

Eggo says, "Taste good to me, yummy-yummy eat em up!"

Get lots of shrimp, scented softies, and whitebait and you're in the game across the board. Fly fishers were in the game wading, yakking, and poling for reds, trout, creek-bound snook; red-and-white streams and brown-orange with gold shrimpies worked well. Earlymorning low water action.Snook, reds and trout are plentiful from San Carlos Bay all the way to Charlotte Harbor. Tarpon are on the flats east of Redfish Pass. Fly guys scored, baiters were at the top though with threads, pins, and crabs the top offerings.

My crews wenton redfish hunts with mixed results, hot and cold, day by day. We did find messes of fat snapper stealing our shrimp, cut stocks and shiners in most of our redfish havens; mob rule, I guess. Trout are active with DOA shrimp, red-and-white flies, and of course shrimp made for easy pickin's. Topwater plugs scored on the big specks, ladies and jacks blasted the poppers as well. There are lots of sharks for entertaining the kiddies, a good way to break in your younger crew mates on how to wrestle a big fish; remember ethical release methods: Let 'em go and let 'em grow!

Kayakers did well on the first light bites with tailing reds, big trout, and the occasional snook in Estero Bay, outta Pineland Marina, and in the Ding Darling Refuge. Estero River, the Imperial and Spring creeks all held a nice mixed bag bite: Reds, snook, baby poons, bass, cichlids.

Charlotte Harbor had the usual tarpon rodeo and all the stuff that goes along with it; crews seem to be on their best behavior, so if you're a newbie adhere to the pecking order, plenty of mega minnows for all, if you're in to that stuff. The feeder creeks and rivers are holding scads of juvie snook; evening anglers report, big liners and tarpon eating at last light, bring bug spray! Gottarun, on the water today with dads and kids, great fun. Have some!!

See ya on the water!

Capt. Ron Kowalyk: 239-267-9312


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