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Those "Blue Demons" Tilapia and their Tastey Italian Bread Ball Baits

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On: Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 3:54PM | By: Captain Ron Kowalyk

Fishing for tilapia has always been tough. They are wary and have good eyesight so it’s best to use very light tackle. Here is a recipe for a home made bait that works

Recipe: 1.Day old Italian Five Grain (white bread)
2. Any old bowl that'll hold 2-3 slices of bread
3. Splash of olive oil or cooking oil to soften bread to form bait balls, water or milk will suffice.
4. Sprinkle bread and liquid mixture with dry grated cheese, I like Parmesan, Italian zesty taste, American will do or facsimile.
5. Pull off bread chunks for your desired size bread baits. Roll the bait balls to size your prefer, 3/8-1/2 "diameter. is about right.
6. Sun dry or as I do nuke em for 1-2 minutes high heat to firm them up.
7. Let your puppies lick the mixing bowl clean. Bread and cheese a real doggy treat !

Fishing with the bait:
Size 1 circle hooks are OK but straight shank "bait holder hooks" are perhaps even better. Bury the hook, hidden into the bait ball. Let the "Blue Demons" run off with their treat for a 2 count , set the hook strong with the rod tip down. Don't stick your fingers in the tilapias mouth, they've got nasty crushers and a sharp lip plate !!

Cappy Ron "the kiddies Pal" 239-267-9312,

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