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Suspended! Maybe Not So Bad

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On: Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 6:48PM | By: Captain Ron Kowalyk

Suspended. Well it really matters where and when; ask Tom Brady. My lil' buddies, the MirroMinidine and the like, function very well hanging around suspended just over the turtle grass and potholes in Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound, and Estero Bay. These 2 & 1/4- to 2 & 5/8-nch minnow imitations can be trained, in the right hands, to traverse the water column at speed or at rest, eliciting strikes from spotted sea trout, redfish, and snook.

A good way to determine what’s going on at differing rates and modes of retrieve is to cast these plugs out several yards in clear water and observe your various retrieve styles. The plugs are design to sink and be twitched, giving them a lifelike action; drawing the attention of fishes hunkered down in grass beds, potholes, and feeding bunks under structures and mangroves edges. Properly presented, these suspend-and-twitch lures are equally attractive to predator-mangling bait pods in more open water. The suspend-style lures imitate injured minnows in the bait pod and are opportune targets for aggressive fish.

Several styles of rod motion can be useful in producing unique action over a targeted zone that will allow the lure to suspend and twitch without being towed out of the perceived strike zone; again a little observation and practice will allow your lure to operate at its full fish-catching potential. A slight jigging action will produce a fluttering retrieve over a hot spot, especially when there’s a tidal correct sweeping around an oyster bar, some deadfall or over a pothole on grassy flats. In shallower areas, a gentle, short-radius sideward sweeping motion of the rod tip will generate a tempting wobble and flash. These simple modifications in the standard retrieve are all designed to allow the twitch-and-suspend or slow-sink mini-minnows to optimize presentations over perceived hot spots. Remembering that the strike window, especially in shallow water situations, is compressed by the nature of the narrow water column. Lures that hold in the bite window will generally be more successful.

Spotted sea trout are particularly vulnerable to this style of artificial lure presentation. The twitch-and-suspended lures also add the excitement of topwater; nothing's more exciting than watching a gator speck lollygagging up and snapping up a shallow suspended mirro-minidine and the like! Try it you’ll like it!

Capt. Ron Kowalyk: 239-267-9312


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