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The Snook Cowboy- We Live In A Corona Commercial, NOT COORS

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On: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 8:01AM | By: The Snook Cowboy

Living on the Gulf coast has been one of the best experiences of my life! Living on Pine Island Sound and having access to the barrier islands of the Lee island coast makes it really hard to imagine living anywhere else. During the Summer months the crowds are all local residents, with the occasional eastern tourist from overseas. It’s not uncommon to be walking the beach and see someone you know. Last month my family and I frequented Cayo Costa Island for shell collecting, enjoying the silky white sand between our toes, and a swim with the manatees as they work the shoreline with the tides. Last weekend we spent the day on the island, when a group of manatees drifted up the shoreline.

Cayo Costa has a definitive drop from the beach and it’s not unusual to be in eight feet of water three feet from the beach. Anyway as the manatees approached, I eased into the water to get as close as I could get without alarming them. I can’t express the feelings of awe as a 1100 pound mammal swims beneath and alongside you. Absolutely breathtaking!!! They stayed a safe distance from me, as I did for them. Manatees are massive and could break your back or neck in an instant if they thrashed or rolled on you. Some have been known to try to mate with our local clam farmers, pinning them to the bottom until they realized they weren’t female manatees. As we sat on the beach and swam away the afternoon, we also noticed the tracks left by female sea-turtles that had been on the beach the night before, laying their eggs for another generation of life for the species. As I looked further I found a shell hammer remnant from the ancient Calusa Indian civilization that inhabited the area more than 1000 years ago.

The entire Lee island coast was home to a kingdom of Florida natives and you can feel their spirits as you walk the Indian mounds located on Pine Island. You can imagine the richness of life the area produced before modern man made his presence known. As we watched the sun set below the horizon, one of my kids expressed, with joy, that one of her friends from the mainland said she was jealous of our family because we lived in a Corona commercial. Actually it’s a big corporation trying to sell a product that makes people feel like you do when you live here. I can live with that. My children have not had a silver spoon in their mouths the entire time I have raised them, but raising them on the Gulf coast of Florida has been one of the richest experiences of their lives and mine. When you come to Pine Island make sure to look us up and experience the real thing instead of watching it on TV. THE SNOOK COWBOY Craig Timbes is a Florida native who specializes in the catch-and-release of Monster Snook.

A Pine Island resident, he offers instruction, guided kayak fishing excursions, owns a U.S. Patent for his fishing pole, is a staff writer for The Nautical Mile Magazine, and is a premier partner for Excitations Discovery Channel, the exclusive adventure package provider for the Discovery Channel and its affiliatess. e-mail BE GREEN !!!!


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