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Are the Indian Mounds Haunted?

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On: Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 8:19AM | By: John Paeno

It is said that on Halloween the spirits of the dead rise and take flight. Is it true or can we as individuals call up the spirits to speak to us like the Ghost Hunters? I really don't know. They say that in some of the ancient and sacred parts of this world you can feel, smell, and see things that cannot be explained. Cold spots or silent spots or noises where there is nothing to make it. How far back do these feelings go in our make up? Is this the voice of our ancestors? Maybe it is not déjà-vu. Is it some sort of primitive instinct or ancestral memory? They say that mice trained to go through mazes faster passed that trait on to their offspring. Indeed, it seems like maybe that saying “you carry a piece of your parents in you” is more than just physical. Again, I don't know. I can say that I have encountered things in my life that cannot be adequately explained. We live in a most unusual world at a very unusual time.

A thousand years ago southwest Florida was the home of the great and powerful nation of the Calusa. They called themselves, in their own tongue, the “fierce people.” Painted with colors of black, white, and red, they were much taller that the Spanish. One Spanish soldier was heard to say they were “seven foot tall giants!” Dressed in a thong—or less—with body piercings of polished bone, shell, and stone, they were very intimidating. When the great king entered one of his cities, flute players would precede him. When a Spanish ship appeared they heard horns and saw smoke signals. These “fierce people” had even attacked the ship of Ponce De Leon!

It had taken a thousand years to build the pyramids for their dead, for their great king, and for defense. For thousands of years the “fierce people” passed down their royal bloodlines. Only the king and shaman held the secrets of their religion and only they could tell the people what the One God wanted. Only the war general and brother-in-law of the king would lead the great army if the One God wanted war.

Senquene, Caalos, and Felipe were the last great leaders of this ancient bloodline. From the first hunter/gatherer/foragers to settle this area ten thousand years ago, who left spear tips in the bones of mastodon, to six thousand years ago burying their dead on Ussepa Island, this was the last of those who set out from Africa a hundred thousand years ago. They sang their rituals on the pyramids, they gave sacrifice of human blood and life to their fallen kings and in revenge for desertion. They took human slaves and over the first years of contact they enslaved hundreds of Spanish. Great ceremony and pomp took place on the things we ineptly call shell mounds today. It hardly describes the cities and sophisticated civilization that was once here. Where is their ancestral voice? Can we still hear them when we paddle their ancient hidden canals or walk the remnants of their once great pyramids and cities? Can you hear their horns or hear their lost language? You be the judge.

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