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TFO's New BVK Fly Rods

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On: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 1:09PM | By: Capt Gregg McKee

TFO's New BVK Fly Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) is a great Texas-based company; it was one of the first to introduce a line of truly affordable saltwater fly rods. Their smartest move, however, was joining forces with fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh and giving him a free hand to design many of their products. 

Bernard Victor “Lefty” Kreh is the angling equivalent of Michael Jordan, Ernest Hemmingway, Thomas Edison, and John Wayne all rolled into one. It is impossible to underestimate his importance to the sport over his last six decades. He has written books, designed gear, and been the best possible ambassador in the entire history of fly fishing. And thanks to Lefty joining forces with TFO, the world finally had a selection of $99 fly rods that many anglers wouldn’t hesitate to take on a saltwater fishing trip.

I always make a point of casting a new rod when an angler brings one on my boat, and the various TFOs never failed to impress me. However, I could always tell that I was casting a good rod but not a great one, due to their weight. The TFOs just weren’t in the same category as the Sage Xi series that I’d been using for years. I would have gladly owned a Temple Fork rod, but only as a backup travel rod.

That changed last year when TFO unveiled their latest designs by the team of Lefty and Flip Pallot, another well-known fly fishing personality best known for his classic “Walker’s Cay Chronicles” TV show. This new BVK series of rods, designed for both fresh and saltwater is a real game changer. Priced at just $249 for the 7- through 10-weights, these 4-piece, 9-footers cast as well or better than almost anything their competitors make at twice or, in some cases, triple the price.

I picked one up for the first time last year and easily cast an entire 100-foot fly line. This was really amazing since it was such a light rod, a 3.1-ounce 7-weight,and I don't consider myself a long-distance caster. It was an amazing piece of gear and will be my new favorite rod for sea trout on our local grass flats.

With these new BVK rods, TFO has smashed right through the price and weight barrier that might have kept most beginners or non-fly anglers from getting into the sport. As an added bonus the BVKs, like all the other rods in TFO’s inventory, come with a lifetime warranty, just like their higher priced competitors. This is yet another reason to consider owning one of these outfits. You don’t have to treat them like a fragile piece of technology when traveling with them or tossing them on a small flats boat. Breaking a BVK on a fish or snapping one on a ceiling fan (a much more likely situation) does not have to be an expensive disaster.

If you’re a dedicated fly angler you already know that anything with Lefty Kreh’s name on it deserves some close attention. These new BVK rods get my vote as one of his best contributions to the sport.


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