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Summer Time in Pine Island Sound

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On: Mon, May 14, 2012 at 12:29PM | By: The Snook Cowboy


The summer temperatures are here to stay and the fishing is just as hot!! Pine Island sound has been mentioned on several television shows and in magazine articles as of late. I get to write about it locally for two publications that are distributed up and down the West coast of Florida, but just recently Pine Island Sound was mentioned in the "Tribune" publications that are distributed worldwide both in print and on the internet.

Some of the best fishing for a variety of gamefish in one area is located in the sound. The estuary system that Pine Island is located on is fed by a number of fresh water systems. The Caloosahatchee on the South end and the Peace River on the North end, keeping an even balance to one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world. The Summer time is notorious for Tarpon and Snook fishing.

World record tournaments for Tarpon are held each year in Boca Grande Pass, one of the four main passes that enter the sound from the Gulf side.

Record catches, both in number and size, have been recorded in the past four or five years, reminding locals and visitors alike why South West Florida fishing has a world record status. Snook fishing in the Sound has rebounded incredibly well; there are Snook all over the place just waiting for that bite window to open up and someone throw them a bait. The redfish this past year has been on fire. With the Snook population making a comeback, some have speculated that the pressure was eased on the other varieties of gamefish throughout the sound and provided three years of awesome Redfish and Trout fishing.

Pine Island Sound was also Ground Zero for Hurricane Charley back in 2004. This one event changed the ecology of the Sound in many ways. Some were beneficial changes and others had long lasting effects that can still be seen today. The fishing is back like it was 25 years ago when you could literally throw a bare, shiny hook in the water and catch fish all day long. Those days are back. When Hurricane Charley came through it was a massive flushing of decades of debris and sediment both from the rivers and the numerous septic systems that are located throughout the region. With that water quality improved old trailer parks that were close to the water and their septic systems are gone and the overall condition of the area is remarkable.

Fishing couldn't be better. I live on Pine Island so my opinion of the area is biased but I will give kudos to the entire Gulf Region from here to Texas because there is nowhere in the world that can compare!! If you are planning a trip to SW Florida let me take you out in a back country kayak fishing excursion for a trip of a lifetime.

Love & Light

The Snook Cowboy



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