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Building a Do-It-Yourself Kayak Cart

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On: Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 10:02AM | By: Sara Decker

Kayak Cart Project

Kayaks are fun, durable, easy to maneuver in shallow water, and lightweight; but they can be difficult to transport “on land.” Enthusiasts without pick-up trucks, SUVs or car-top carriers may find themselves looking for an easy and affordable way to transport them short distances. Many storefront and online retailers sell kayak carts and carriers, though they can be pricey and of questionable quality.

Searching cyberspace for another option, various websites offer do-it-yourself PVC carts complete with a list of materials and tools required. Most of these plans produce similar carts and are quite simple to make. The all-in cost is about $35; considerably less if you have some of the basic items in the garage or shed. Start to finish the assembly time is under one hour.

Sites to visit if this is of interest to you are:

In the interest of in-depth reporting, my other half and I endeavored to make two of them. In the interest of full disclosure, the other half is a contractor with spiffy tools, adhesives, hardware and come-along straps which would strike envy in the hearts of mortal men; but none of that was necessary to construct these little novelties.

As a public service, we offer these tips to make the project easier and durable

· Measure twice, cut once

· Label each part – many are quite similar

· Don’t go “cheap” on the wheels – especially if you’ll be using the cart on uneven terrain

· Smaller “noodle floaties” work better than the larger ones

· Zip ties are your friend

· Adjust or omit the “kickstand”/handle to your liking – we preferred rope and a balanced boat

· Consider customizing the width of the cart to your kayak’s design

· Assemble and test the cart (for a short distance) before applying the adhesive

· Don’t skimp on the adhesive/glue

We found this type of carts to be functional, lightweight, easy to store right on the kayaks, and when glued properly, quite durable. Next time, we will customize the measurements to allow the support runners to fit in the unique “grooves” of the kayak’s hull. Have fun, enjoy, and watch the tides!

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