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Pine Island Sound Fall Fishing

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On: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 1:05PM | By: The Snook Cowboy

I absolutely love this time of year. The weather has begun to cool down a bit and the humidity is breaking.

Fall fishing offers some of the best fishing of the year. Here in Pine Island Sound I have the luxury of fishing some of the most pristine waters from my kayak. I gave up going out in a flats boat, simply because of the fishing pressure at the selected “known” fishing holes available locally.

Fishing in my kayak requires no real effort to launch or paddle to my favorite holes. I will give you this, more and more people are showing up in the backwaters in a kayak, but that’s okay.

Kayaks produce no mechanical sounds, are extremely stealthy, and kayaks today aren’t what they used to be. You can spend up to three thousand dollars or as little as a couple hundred. You get what you pay for. I’m going to hold off on recommending any particular brand, but I can tell you that you want one that you can stand up in comfortably. This means getting a kayak that is wider than normal. That’s ok if you’re not trekking out three or four miles to your fishing hole. Wider boats don’t track as well through the water as the skinnier ones, so the longer the boat the better. My kayak is 14.9 ft and it tracks straight with enough weight to keep moving through the water with no mind to wind or waves.

One of the great things about a kayak is you can launch where you fish, meaning you aren’t stuck with having to use any particular boat ramp that may be too far away from where you like to fish. You can drive your truck to a location and as long as you’re not trespassing, you can launch right into your fishing hole that would have taken an hour to get to by paddling.

Maintenenace on a kayak simply requires a can of WD40 for the clips on your seat and hatches to keep them from corroding. Other than that, all you have to do is kick it off the back of the truck, spray it down with the hose and you’re done. No batteries, no oil, no gas, no launch fees, no headache.

Let’s get to fishing. Pine Island Sound is absoutely covered up in Reds right now, and the Snook and Trout are also abundant. Water quality will be questionable until they quit draining water out of the Caloosahatchee. Waters closer to the barrier islands and north of Boca Grande should be just fine. We all had a lot of water this season, so I would imagine sheet flow has all of the waters a little rusty right now. Things should begin to moderate around the end of this month providing we don’t have any freak tropical systems stall over us again. We’ll have to wait and see. The fish aren’t too particular about baits this year. Top-waters on the flats in the morning on a low tide or early morning high tide and in the evenings are working.

D.O.A shad-tail baits in the rootbeer and chartreuse are a favorite with the Trout and the Snook. Any and all live baits fished with a cork or “free-lined” on the flats and around the channels edges also are working great. Get out there and do some fishing.

I hear Tampa Bay is producing fish. The waters in Sarrasota are always bangin’ and, of course, my home, Pine Island Sound, is on fire right now. If you’re here early, now is the time to book your charters as our client lists fill up quick.

I take folks out in a fully rigged fishing kayak and fish until they’re tired, Half of the trip we are wading the flats and the other half we are in the boat. You do not want to spend an entire day sitting. Wade fishing in knee-deep water allows you to get right on top of a group of fish as well as let blood flow into your lower extremities. Check out my “snook cowboy January fishing club pt2”talking about. I video most of my trips and this video is the epitome of Red fishing in Pine Island Sound.

Trips under two hundred dollars with everything included gets you the trip of a lifetime. If you have your own kayak and want to go fishing I charge only half price.

Love & Light
The Snook Cowboy


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