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Captain Vic Tison's Jax Area Fishing- April 2013

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On: Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 1:12PM | By: Captain Vic Tison

Ahoy there, anglers,
I know I'm running late with this report, but have been working so much with the fish action in NE Florida doing so good this time of the year I really just haven't had time to write a new fishing report.

So here we are, one of my favorite times of the year, spring time and the water temperatures are starting to rise and hopefully won't be drastically dropping again until the fall. Ever since the Ground Hog didn't see his shadow on February 2nd and all the weather people said, "No 6 extra weeks of winter," it's been cold ever since. That global warming has been missing this year, just like last year but wait a minute, all the enviro-nuts have changed it! It's now called "climate change". That way they aren't wrong anymore with the "warming" phrase. The scientists have now said our average temperatures have increased 1 degree in the last 100 years. That is concerning me. 1 degree in 100 years? Wow, just look at the huge change we're in store for in the next 10 to 15 years. I don't know if I could stand an 0.01 degree change but we'll just have to wait and see.

The bite has been on up in the shallows. The slot-sized redfish are doing great and the reds have been very nice size up to 32". Be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks for the reds to get a lot more active on the incoming tides along the grass edges. Usually about the middle to the end of April the redfish start really feeding, splashing along the edges after about 2 hours of the incoming after low tide.Loads of speckled trout in the creeks and most caught on plastics have been small, but when you can catch them on top waters, MirroLure's 19 MR or the Bomber Long As, they've been pretty nice. Now that we're in the up-swing of Spring, the larger speckled trout should show up more and more right on through May and June. Flounder are starting to show up a little more in the creeks, but the big Spring run just hasn't started yet. Hopefully the middle to the end of this month ought to do it. There is still a few nice sheepshead in the creeks and we've been catching them on a quartered blue crab while we're redfish fishing. A small but keeper sized black drum here and there but not many.

Sheepshead, black drumand redfish are what's happening out at the big rocks. The huge, giant black drum, so far up to 100 pounds,are in and, please, vent and revive when neededand release the ones over 18 to 20 pounds as they aren't that good to eat, plus they can have millions of fry that will allow our population of drum to stay strong and plentiful. I know the law says you can keep one over 24" per person but the giant ones are our future table-sized smaller ones.

Sheepshead with fiddlers on jig headsalong the rocks are doing great and in the deeper water the huge sheepshead from 8 to 14 pounds are still biting. I haven't seen a bite like this with the huge sheepshead in a few years. Get them while you can because as the water temperatures rise they will be gone. Everyone who remembers the big sheepshead bite that always happensthis time of the year has booked their trips early to get on the bite and get the best tides for it. Loads of whiting are at the jetties now although some are small but there is some nice ones mixed in and a few keeper sea bass at the rocks also. Remember, the black sea bass have to be a minimum of 13" now, since February 1, 2013 and you are allowed 5 per person not the 15 as before. The tripletail have been hot along the beach down closer to the pier. Just look for crab trap floats and toss a live shrimp out under a Cajun Thunder float with about a 2.5' to 3' mono leader past them and slowly drag it to them and they'll take it. Hard fighters and great to eat too.

Nassau River has been giving up some sheepshead along the sand bars but not as many this year although there are a few along the bridge pilings too. A few black drum in the sand and the whiting should be biting better and better very soon. Speckled trout at the small bridge and along the grass edges of the river and a few at the "clay jetties". A few flounder have been showing up in the Nassau River and up into Simpson's Creek areas. Speckled trout and redfishin Simpson's also. I've heard of a couple pompano caught in the Sound and a couple in the Ft. George Inlet but not a lot yet.

The St. Johns River is giving up speckled trout, black drum, giant black drum, bull redfish, yellowmouth trout and believe it or not, some nice sized croakers for this time of the year. I don't know why the croakers are here but I'll take it. Huge sheepshead to 14 pounds are being caught in the river on the hard bottom locations along the edges of the channel and when you're fishing for them a bonus 5 to 15 pound black drum shows up with them now and then.

Speckled trout along the grass edges on lures or on Cajun Thunders with live shrimp in the same areas. I've only heard of a couple flounder being caught in the Cove, but the time is coming for them to pick up soon. Redfish along the grass edges during the high tides and on the flats during the lower tides. quartered crab works better on them right now in the shallows but they'll also get more active in just a couple of weeks.

Redfish, black drum and whiting are the best bets going on in the surf right now. I've seen some really nice whiting that friends have caught in the surf recently. The drum I've seen were about 3 to 5 pounds too.

Remember, please take your trash back to the ramp with you. I have a small trash bucket in my boat and a plastic grocery bag fits right in it so when the day is done I just pick it up out of the plastic bucket, tie it closed and toss it right in the trash cans at the boat ramp. It's convenient and helps Mother Nature and our great State of Florida's waterways.

Thank you,
Captain Vic Tison

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