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Kayaks Are Great For Fishing & Contemplation

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On: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 10:45AM | By: The Snook Cowboy

Winter is here again, and Atlas, christened by the Weather Channel, ushered in the winter season with a four-foot blizzard that went roaring across the mid- and northwest part of the country. And Boreas is raging across the Great Lakes. What does that say for Florida’s weather? I don’t know, but I can tell you this, my dogs and cats are putting on some serious weight!! We could escape a  severe winter if the jet stream stays north of us. When it dips down is when we have the problems. Since weather these days seems to be a little amped up, anything that gets produced usually has a punch of some sort whether it’s ice, wind, or precipitation in the form of snow and rain. Either way at this point, it’s a wait-and-see. During that time I plan on doing some fishing here in the backwaters of Pine Island Sound. The elements, short of temperature, usualy aren’t a problem for a kayaker. When fishing from a kayak you can fish some pretty secluded water that are protected from wind and weather that you can’t get to in a flats boat. Shallow water fishing is it in winter!

I’ve fished from everything from a 32-foot Contender offshore, 23-foot Makos in the Keys, 18-foot Bass boats in the chains, and everything in between, from canoes to straight-up wade fishing and I always come back to the kayak. I’m gettin’ older too.

I have a two-year-old and a four-year-old granddaughter, and their parents, who keep me busy, and my wife and I are only 44 years old. So dealing with everything at an accelerated schedule, I find that kayaking coupled with the best, hassle-free, always productive fishing in the world here on the Gulf coast of Florida is the best route of them all! Don’t get me wrong. If I had the time and money I would still fish off-shore and probably own a flats boat too, but today it’s all about the kayak and the grandbabies!

I know this publication goes all up and down the west coast of Florida and I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed or met me at a boat show or seen me at Bass Pro and said you read the article and have followed for years. I’m getting ready to release a coffee table book on Snook fishing, and without your support over the years I would not have pursued the endeavor. Getting to write a book on something you love and have it be a success would be the ultimate dream for any writer. I am a reluctant writer, but one just the same. Thank You!! Happy Holidays, God Bless, and Happy New Year.

Love & Light, The Snook Cowboy


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