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Johns Pass Fishing Report: What A Great Time To Be Right Here

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On: Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 9:16AM | By: Captain Van Hubbard

Minh Nguyen's MONSTER 107lb Amberjack

Around the Pass- Ezekiel Senter, from Clearwater, reported catching lots of nice Whiting from the north Jetty of Johns Pass. He said they were biting best on small pieces of dead shrimp in the tidal eddies. They always bite on or near the bottom. Liam Ward and his father Billy, both from Redington Beach, were fishing from the Jetty in Johns pass this past week. They reported that the Pompano bite was on fire on the early incoming tides. They caught their limit the other day on Doc’s Goofy jigs. They also caught a 35-inch Snook on a free-lined live shrimp.  David Kelly, from St. Petersburg, and his buddies were fishing underneath Johns Pass Bridge.  They reported catching some large Mackerel on the white bait they cast-netted easily from shore. The bait is plentiful and it’s making the Mackerel, Trout, and Snook spoiled; they are mostly going after this plentiful bait and staying away from the less natural-looking lures. David and his buddies were also getting some nice Mangrove Snapper around the bridge’s support poles. There are some large Mangroves under the bridge; if you hit that area with chum on a slack tide you can get them balled up behind your boat chewing like crazy.

Near shore- The Grey Snapper bite has been good when the weather cooperates. We typically drift for these fish, and the best drifting speed is between a knot to a knot and a half. This speed makes it easy for beginners and helps us cover more ground which in turn shows our baits to more of these hungry Snapper. Drifting is the best technique to catch these Snapper, plus Red Grouper. This is because these are scavenger species. They aren’t like Gags that sit under a specific ledge in a specific spot their whole lives. Red Grouper are always moving and searching for their next meal, and that’s why drifting shows your bait to more of these Groupers. We are looking forward to more near shore fishing now since the Red Snapper season is over. Join us for a ten-hour fishing trip sometime soon!

Offshore- Our Red Snapper season went great at Hubbard’s Marina, and we hope you enjoyed yours too! Our 39-hour trips did really well on the Mangroves again. We have been averaging between 300-400 each trip depending on the crowds. The Grouper bite is still hot as well; on both the 12- and 39-hours we are getting fat Red Grouper and plentiful Scamp Grouper! We are even catching a few nice Kingfish while offshore fishing as well; don’t forget your summer flat-line. The Gags are biting well, but unfortunately we have to keep releasing them till July first. This last trip alone we caught and released nearly 50 beautiful Gag Grouper! One of our more experienced anglers caught six monster Gags himself, but according to NOAA’s NMFS Gag grouper are endangered. We are starting to get fed up with the regulations, how about you? We have to start making our recreational voices heard, feel free to email us ( to learn how to get involved and stand up for your rights to fish offshore!

Remember, “If you’re too busy to go fishing, you’re just too busy!”

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