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Blown Night Crawlers: Bass Madness!

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On: Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 9:43AM | By: Captain Ron Kowalyk

A Lindy Worm Blower is a commercial item available online or at tackle shops. This tool is designed to inject a small amount of air into a night crawler or other worms, thus allowing the worm’s anal, or tail, section to float off the bottom and angle enticingly upward toward the surface. This attitude better displays the worm for bass and other species, especially in areas of thick weeds and other bottom cover. A worm inflated moderately will impart an undulating exaggerated body motion, allowing the worm to be presented slowly and without added retrieval motion. Again this can be critical when targeting bedding bass or in open patches in very thick lily pads or coon grass.  On bedding bass be sure to debarb your hooks, use only circle hooks for safe catch-and-release tactics.

Fluorocarbon leaders should match the line test in weed-congested areas. Slip sinker Carolina rigs or worm helmets will allow the worm to drop head first and display the floating tail segments of the crawler to float enticingly vertically upward. The slip sinker and worm helmet rigs allow for that all-important drop back-runoff that assures a firm hookup. Bass usually inhale their prey head first so a countdown of one-one thousand, two or three is a good idea, don’t get trigger-happy.

I’ve used blown crawlers for redfish, sheepies, peacock bass, and even caught the odd snook, plus all kinds of other cichlids with crawlers in the glades.

I carry a hypodermic needle that I can buy at about any drugstore in lieu of the commercial worm blower. They’re compact, have a smaller needle, and tend to not overinflate the worm causing damage to the bait. The hypodermic needles come with a reusable needle cover and should be carefully stored separately from other gear thus avoid accidental needle sticks. You can actually pre-inflate several crawlers and store them in your special worm box or just replace them in the tackle shop containers. Keep your crawlers cool, an ice pack and six packer are good items to invest in, and a small plastic case to carry your “blower“ isn’t a bad idea either.

Being a bit of an “mad scientist” I’ve inject some crawlers with air and tiny measures of fish attracting scents; it worked great for steelhead up north but that’s another story! “Doctor Juice”!

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